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Company policy

The aim of “COMMERPLAST D.Klampanis” is to offer the consumer audience products which comply with the latest international manufacturing standards, with strict quality control and at the most competitive prices. We want our products to be available to everyone, from the everyday amateur gardener who loves keeping plants on his balcony to the large scale landscaping company who takes on the big projects. We also strive for our customer service to be friendly and our staff properly trained to meet any requirement. Commerplast commits to the continuous improvement of its products and services through the application of a Quality Control Management System since 1994 which ensures we remain cutting edge in our processes. 


To achieve our goals, we look first within ourselves to set an example in the industry. We take pride in having a working environment that is democratic and polyphonic and ensures equal opportunities for all, continuous education and skill honing, clear responsibilities and creative motivational strategies which strive to bring out the best in each other. 


Last but not least, an integral and important part of our mindset is the feeling of responsibility towards the environement. We always look to applying environmentally friendly practices, both in our production line as well as in our storage and disposal processes. 

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